Low Thyroid Hormone Levels? Make These Dietary Changes To Naturally Increase Your Levels

An underactive thyroid gland, which results in a deficiency of thyroid hormones, can lead to all sorts of unwanted symptoms from weight gain to a lack of energy. While prescription medications may work for many underactive thyroid patients, they do not work for everyone. And even if you are taking prescription medications, it can be helpful to also make some dietary changes that promote a healthier, more active thyroid gland.

Switch to coconut oil.

Most cooking oils, such as canola oil and olive oil, contain largely unsaturated fats. These can block the proper secretion of thyroid hormones. Coconut oil, though it is a natural plant oil, contains mostly saturated fats that do not have this effect on the thyroid. As an added bonus, it stimulates the metabolism which may help you lose some of the weight you've put on while suffering from an underactive thyroid. Use coconut oil in your cooking and baking just as you would any other oil. It's a solid at room temperature, but you can easily liquefy it by placing it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Eat more fermented foods.

Fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled ginger, and miso, contain beneficial bacteria known as probiotic bacteria. These bacteria take up residence in your gut, where they help stimulate the immune system. Since an unhealthy immune system is a key factor in many cases of underactive thyroid, adding more fermented foods to your diet can be very beneficial. Aim to eat about 2 - 3 tablespoons of fermented foods each day. Eat the foods cold; heating them may destroy the beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

Make sea veggies a part of your meals.

Sea vegetables like Icelandic kelp and nori are great sources of iodine, a nutrient that your thyroid desperately needs in order to produce a healthy amount of thyroid hormone. They also contain selenium, a mineral that helps your body convert the precursor of thyroid hormone to its active form. There are a few easy ways to add more seaweed to your diet:

  • Purchase kelp flakes, and sprinkle them on your veggies and other dishes as a substitute for salt.
  • Enjoy sushi (the type wrapped in nori) more often.
  • Add a little seaweed when you make stir fries or soups.

By eating more sea veggies, adding fermented food to your diet, and switching to coconut oil, you should set your thyroid gland up for success. For more information, contact professionals like Alaska Natural Health Solutions.