4 Areas Where Medical Cannabis Can Improve People's Lives

There are many people who might have heard that marijuana has been used to treat glaucoma. However, that is just one of many areas where marijuana, or more precisely medical cannabis, is being used to treat maladies. Some of these areas are widely discussed (nausea) while others are more obscure and not yet well publicized (cancer treatment). Below is a brief disunion of four of these areas.


Medical cannabis has been shown to have tremendous benefit to people who are suffering with nausea. The nausea that is being discussed is not the common, everyday nausea that people might sometimes get when they get a cold. The nausea that is behind treated with medical cannabis is the debilitating, persistent nausea that accompanies chemotherapy. Patients who are suffering with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy have to deal with agonizing nausea. Besides being uncomfortable, persistent nausea is dangerous for cancer patients because it prevents them from eating, which further weakens their bodies. Medical cannabis can greatly reduce this feeling of nausea and allow the cancer patient to regain an appetite and get nourishment.

Nerve Pain

Another interesting area where medical cannabis is being used is in the treatment of chronic pain. This could be great for those people who are dealing with pain and don't want to take common painkiller drugs that can have serious side effects and lead to addictions. A study was undertaken and found that using medical marijuana to ease chronic pain was relatively safe. There were side effects, but they were relatively minor things such as headache and sleepiness.


You don't immediately think of memory improvement when you think of marijuana, but that should change. It turns out that the chemical THC, which is what makes marijuana psychoactive, can prevent the plaque that causes Alzheimer's. Scientists have done research and found that this chemical compound also has a positive effect on eliminating inflammation. The removal of plaque and the reduction of inflammation are two very positive things when it comes to preventing and treating Alzheimer's. In a similar vein, scientists have found that marijuana can be used to treat the unpleasant behavior and personality changes that accompany dementia (a related brain disease that effects the elderly).


Finally, one of the most amazing things that scientists have found is that chemicals in cannabis can prevent the growth of cancerous tumors. A study found that the chemical THC was able to prevent the growth of cancer cells in brain cancer.

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