Send Flu Packing With This Treasure Trove Of Tips

The flu can knock you out of commission, and it tends to linger if you don't treat your symptoms. Save yourself and your family and friends from getting laid-up with nasty flu symptoms by taking care to lay low and get better. Flu germs are easily passed around a home, workplace, or classroom, and it is possible to re-contract the flu after you have gotten well.

You might have the flu if you are:

  • Experiencing aches and pains.
  • Have nasal or chest congestion.
  • Coughing.
  • Feverish.
  • Tired or lethargic.
  • Have malaise.

Think you have the flu? Try these tips and tactics to get rid of your symptoms fast:

Medicate yourself. Stock up on over-the-counter medications to help soothe your symptoms so you can sleep. You will need pain relievers, cough suppressants, and fever-reducers; look for flu-drinks that incorporate all of these medications in one easy-to-ingest drink.

Make things steamy. Steam is very helpful for coping with symptoms of the flu. Get a hot shower going and contain yourself in the bathroom. You can invest in nasal steam-pots to help clear sinuses quickly, or invest in a humidifier to help break up congestion and feel better fast.

Have a drink. Drink, drink, drink water. Skip the booze as it will dehydrate you. Many may think that a hot toddy will help them get over the flu, but it is really just a sedative; to get the flu out of your system, stay hydrated with lots of water.

Stay home. Don't go to work, school, the store, or anywhere that you could pass your symptoms along. Furthermore, you will need lots of rest if you want to get rid of the flu quickly. Stay home and let others go out and do what you need them to.

Keep germs at bay. Use lots of clean tissues for blowing your nose so you don't spread your germs and make flu symptoms linger. You don't want to run the risk of passing flu germs around to your family; invest in some disinfectant spray and bleach-wipes to keep surfaces germ-free and get flu germs out of your home fast.

Take these tips to heart when your household is battling the flu. Make sure to consult with your physician for more advanced symptoms, such as vomiting, respiratory distress, or dizziness. Keep your germs contained and take care of yourself to get flu out of your home fast.