Ways To Keep Your Energy Levels Up During An All-Nighter

You've been told your whole life not to leave studying to the last minute, and that cramming for a test is a bad idea. However, life gets busy sometimes — and sometimes, staying up all night to study before an exam is really your only option. Studying late at night is not always the most productive feat if you start to feel sluggish, tired, and fatigued, however. Here are some ways to keep your energy levels up so you can keep leaning and knock that test out of the park the next day.

Use Canned Oxygen for Energy

You can buy small canisters of pressurized oxygen at many outdoor stores and some health food stores. This oxygen is often used by hikers and adventurers at altitude, but it is also really helpful when you're feeling fatigued and exhausted. When you find yourself starting to nod off or even just lose focus, inhale some of the pure oxygen. You will literally feel the oxygen flowing through your brain and awakening you. Most cans come with a handy dispenser that you just cup over your nose and mouth and inhale through. To find pure, canned oxygen for sale, check out an outdoor store near you.

Eat Snacks

Have you ever noticed that when you're eating, you always feel more awake and alert? Your brain knows that your body needs to be alert in order to swallow properly. Plus, the act of chewing stimulates blood flow to your brain, keeping you energized. You won't want to chow down on pizza, chips, or anything else fatty during your study session as this may make you feel even more tired after you're done eating. However, eating crispy veggies, crunchy nuts, and some fresh fruit can be helpful.

Play Energizing Music

Even if you're the kind of person who listens to relaxing, quiet music during your daytime studies, play some energizing music during your all-nighter. Whether you like hip hop, rock, or jazz, anything with a fast tempo will help keep you alert.

Get Some Exercise

If you just sit in one place studying all night, you're going to doze off at some point. So get up and start moving! Go through flash cards as you walk around the room, or make yourself get up and do 10 jumping jacks every five minutes. Any way you can find to stay active is to your benefit.

With canned oxygen, good music, the right snacks, and some exercise, you can study effectively and stay alert all night long.