4 Familiar Weight Loss Herbs You May Want To Supplement With

Are you tired of looking through aisles of weight loss remedies, only to be ultimately scared away because you're unfamiliar with the ingredients and unsure whether they are really safe? You're not alone. The world of weight loss supplements is a complex one, and many weight loss pills can have serious side effects. However, there are some herbs that encourage weight loss that you've likely heard of before, that are safe, and that you should feel comfortable taking.


That's right — the herb that your grandma always adds to the tomato sauce could help you lose weight. Oregano contains a compound called carvacol, which seems to regulate fat synthesis in the body. Especially if you are someone who seems to put on fat easily, taking a weight loss supplement with oregano in it might be helpful.


This bright yellow spice is a go-to option for seasoning Indian food and curries. Its flavor is savory and a tiny bit sweet, and so are its effects. Turmeric can help enhance fat loss, and it also helps stabilize mood, which means it may make you less likely to binge or overeat because you're feeling stressed or sad. Turmeric pills are really easy to find since people take them for so many different purposes — from pain relief to mood stabilization.

Black Pepper

Either you love the flavor of black pepper or you hate it. Luckily, if you take it in capsules for weight loss, you don't really taste it as it's going down. This flavorful spice is loaded with a chemical called piperine, which helps keep your fat cells from storing so much fat. It might take a couple of weeks of taking black pepper capsules to notice an effect, however.


Cinnamon buns may not be good for fat loss, but cinnamon itself really is. This spice, made from the inner bark of cinnamon trees, helps keep your appetite under control so that you do not over-eat. It is also pretty good for regulating blood sugar, which makes it a good choice for diabetics who are trying to lose weight.

If you are looking for a natural weight loss supplement that won't land you in the hospital, why not take something you're already familiar with? Most people already eat cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric, and oregano from time to time anyways, so taking one of these herbs in capsule form is not too big a leap.

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