First Time With Edibles? Don't Make These Mistakes!

Cannabis edibles can be really therapeutic. They can relax your mind and ease your pain. However, the first time you take an edible, you need to be a little careful since you won't know exactly what to expect. Avoid these mistakes to help ensure a positive experience.

Mistake: Taking too large a dose.

Even if you have been smoking marijuana for quite a while, taking edibles is a whole different experience. Your tolerance from smoking does not always transfer to edible use. If you take too much, you may end up having a negative experience or end up feeling "high" for far longer than intended. A safe first dose for most people is about 10 mg of THC. If you are a larger person and tend to need a lot of various medications, you may want to take a bit more, such as 20 mg THC, but do not take more than that.

Mistake: Taking an edible before you have to do something important.

Edibles can take around an hour or so to kick in, and they can remain active for a few hours. Usually, the effects will wear off before this, but since this will be your first time using the edibles, you have no way of knowing how long they will remain active for you. The first time around, take the edible when you plan on being home with no obligations. This way you can take one without having anything important to do while you can feel the effects.

Mistake: Not having some CBD on-hand.

Make sure you have some CBD on-hand before you take an edible. If you do start to feel too high, taking some CBD may be able to help cancel out the effects of the THC and get you back to better feelings. You can take a CBD gummy, inhale some through a vaporizer, or even smoke some CBD flower. Just make sure you have this option at the ready.

Mistake: Doing it alone.

Consider having someone with you when you take edibles for the first time alone, such as a family member or a friend. If in the event that you do end up taking a little too much, your friend or family member can be there with you.

Taking marijuana edibles can be enjoyable and therapeutic, but you do want to be a little cautious as you ease your way into this practice and start using edibles for the first time. Contact a natural health service for more information about cannabis edibles.