Tips For Using A Hemp Pain Relief Salve Most Effectively

Hemp pain relief salves offer a lot of benefits. They are natural and made with plant-based ingredients. They also treat pain at its source, which is often inflammation. With all that being said, however, part of hemp salve's effectiveness has to do with how you use it. Here are some tips and strategies you can turn to in order to use hemp salve more effectively.

Apply it to clean skin.

If you've applied a moisturizer or sunscreen to the skin earlier in the day, then your skin may not absorb the hemp salve as well. Some moisturizers and sunscreens tend to form an impermeable barrier over the skin. Ideally, you should apply the hemp salve to skin that is clean and that has not had any other products applied to it. Avoid using heavily moisturizing soaps before using the salve, too, since these can deposit substances that serve as a barrier. 

Rub it in well.

Rubbing your skin tends to open the pores, which encourages the active ingredients in the hemp to be absorbed. So, after you smooth on some hemp salve, spend a minute or so rubbing your skin. Rub in gentle circles. This can also help increase circulation to the area, which will allow more of the CBD from the hemp to be absorbed faster. 

Be careful about using other hemp products in conjunction with it.

The CBD from the hemp salve will be absorbed into your bloodstream, and some of it will be active throughout your body. So, if you also take in CBD or hemp from another source, you might end up using more than you need. For instance, if you vape CBD oil and also use hemp salve, then you may take in more CBD than intended. When using hemp salve, be sure it is the only CBD product you are using. Or, cut back on your use of other CBD products accordingly.

Apply it regularly.

Hemp salves tend to work best when you keep using them, repeatedly. Don't wait for the pain to come back again before reapplying. Check the label to see how often the manufacturer recommends re-applying the salve. Usually, these salves need to be reapplied every few hours.

Using a hemp pain relief salve is not difficult, but there are a few intricacies to consider. Follow the tips above, and you should get good results from the salve. Read the label on your particular salve for more information. Visit a natural health care store to buy relief salve such as 2 OZ natural hemp pain relief salve.