Common Misconceptions about Energy Healing

Over the past few years, energy healing has become more common. There are various energy healing techniques that manipulate and change the body's energy field and the way energy moves through the body in order to improve your health and well-being. As common as energy healing has become, however, there are still a lot of misconceptions floating around about it. Take a look at a few of them, below.

Misconception: Energy healing is one modality.

People sometimes think of energy healing as one health practice. But really, energy healing is more of an umbrella term. There are a lot of modalities that fall under the energy healing umbrella. They include reiki, chakra healing, crystal healing, and aura healing. Some even consider acupuncture an energy healing technique, although it also has a more physical side.

Misconception: Energy healing has to take place in a practitioner's office.

There are some forms of energy healing that are best administered by a trained healer. Acupuncture is an example. Reiki is also best performed with a healer. However, if you prefer a more independent approach, there are still options for you under the energy healing umbrella. Crystal healing can be practiced solo. There are also self-reiki techniques you can use at home. In fact, if you have a few reiki sessions, it is common for your practitioner to send you off with exercises to do on your own, at home, between sessions.

Misconception: Energy healing isn't approved by the medical community.

Western medicine is one approach to health. Energy healing is another. They are quite different, and western medicine does not typically incorporate many energy healing practices. However, most doctors and other western medical practitioners have become more open to and accepting of energy healing over the past few decades. They've begun to understand how the body's energy affects all of its systems and organs. As such, it is now not uncommon for doctors to support their patients in seeking acupuncture, reiki, and other forms of energy healing as complements to western medical techniques. In other words, your doctor probably doesn't perform energy healing, but they should support you also seeing a healer for additional care. 

If you want to explore energy healing and your doctor is not supportive, you can always find a different doctor who is.

Hopefully this article has cleared up a few common misconceptions about energy healing. It's a positive thing you can do for your mind and body.

For additional information about energy healing, contact a natural health care provider in your area today.