You Can Perform A Simple Lymphatic Drainage Massage On Yourself

Your lymphatic system is a series of vessels that carry a clear fluid, called lymph, through your body. There are also lymph nodes, which are organs where the lymph is produced. Sometimes, fluid can build up in your lymph nodes and in the tissues surrounding your lymph vessels, and it can then have a hard time moving back into the vessels. A therapy called lymphatic drainage massage can help ease this fluid back into circulation, which can relieve pressure and swelling in affected areas.

People with lymphedema, a condition in which excess fluid builds up outside the lymph vessels, often benefit from seeing a professional for regular lymphatic drainage massages. However, you can also do a simple lymphatic drainage massage at home. This tends to come in handy if you are between appointments and need some relief, or if you have very minor lymph accumulation that doesn't require professional care as often.

Here are the steps to follow in order to do your own lymphatic drainage massage.

1. Massage Your Neck

You have a lot of lymph nodes in your neck and under your chin, which makes this an important area to massage. Start by placing your fingers on either side of your neck, under your ear lobes. Slowly move your fingers down your neck toward your shoulders, applying firm and even pressure along the way. Repeat this movement at least 4 more times. Then, move your fingers toward the back of your neck. Use the same, top-to-bottom motion to massage this area 5 times.

2. Massaging Under Your Arms

Your armpits are another area where a lot of lymph nodes are found. To massage your armpit, cup the opposite hand under your armpit. Apply firm pressure, and massage around and around in a circle. Do this for about 30 seconds. Then, do the same thing to the opposite armpit.

3. Massage Your Arms

Fluid often likes to accumulate in the fingers, wrists, and lower arms. Pushing it back up your arms with massage will help ease it back into circulation. To perform a basic lymphatic drainage massage on your arms, rest your arms on a table. Then, place two middle fingers of one hand on the inside of the lower arm of the other hand. Apply pressure, and push those fingers toward your elbow. Repeat 4 times, and do the same on the opposite side.

This self-massage is unlikely to do as much as a professional lymphatic drainage massage, but it is helpful. Go through these steps daily, and you should see an improvement.  

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